Happy Birthday

Ryan had a birthday last week and I am just awful and didn't post anything! (We did have a lot going on). BUT, I assure you that no matter what life has thrown our way recently we did take time to celebrate his 33rd year! *Whether he liked it or not!*

Ryan drove in from Sherman that day so we called our nearest and dearest and met at local pizza place for some food, family, and fun! (Who says the "f" word is bad?!?) 

I think the best gift that he got this year was two wee ones that love, honor, respect, and idolize him...

Emmy was loving the pizza, but this is what she though about some salad...

And this is what Ryan thinks about her...

I got so caught up in feeding little ones, potty breaks, chasing toddlers, great conversation that I didn't take any pictures of anyone else! BUT, Josh, Cindy, Caro, Anna, Jeremy, Bonnie, Krista, Will and Kayla -- thank you for celebrating with us, thank you for loving us like family, thank you for being an awesome friend to Ryan (and me). We love you tons! 

We did make time for one family photo in our coordinated blues (don't judge). Gosh, these 3 make every day just wonderful. (those pasty legs need some work, though!)

We then headed home for some cake (thanks, KK) specially decorated by Radley with gumballs and birthday candles! 

I know it's traditional that the birthday boy make a wish, but well, this is my wish for Ryan... 

to always know that you are loved by me
to pause to breathe ... inhale each moment that life has to offer
to work hard, play hard, and celebrate
to see how much our kids love you -- I see it every day
to continue to lead our family to be great
to be happy
to remember the words that Father Michael told us (just us) on our wedding day
and, well... I wish that Mitch and Merv would quit pooping outside the litter box because that just sucks! :)


May these and all your wishes come true, babe... each and every day! 

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