Mommy Weekend...

My Mother's Day started on Thursday night because I was taking a four day weekend for myself to "catch up", clean house, pack for Sherman, etc... 

We had a quick dinner on Thursday so what better way to pass the time than with sidewalk chalk! I was dying to see what Emersyn would do with this and know that Radley just LOVES practicing his letters. 

And, well, maybe someone else likes to write stuff, too...

"Watch, Mommy, I write a name"...

"R" for Radley
"P" for Pete
"A" for ???
"B" for ???

He is so proud of his mastery of the letter "B!"

But "R" is still his favorite!

"Look, Mommy! I made a R as big as ME!!"

Emmy like it, too... only as a chew toy. 

(and yes, we are in the garage. No judging... our driveway is pebbled and this is shaded. I put away all sharp objects and poisonous liquids... I think). 

Radley had just turned one when he got his first turn with chalk... 

He was a natural :)

And was very eager to teach his sister a thing or two about the art of sidewalk chalk. 

There is something so wonderful about these "insignificant" moments. The innocence of them. The unplanned part of life. The ability to just be and do and play and laugh and learn. Radley was just as excited about playing in the garage with chalk as he is when we do something bigger and "better". When does the "bigger and better" get in the way of life? When do we quit being content with just the every day hum of simplicity? 

How I pray that they are a constant reminder that the little things and every day moments are the biggest rewards we could ever hope to get. 

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