Tiny Tales Thursday...

Radley has a rough few days of listening. Sheesh is it frustrating. I feel like he is trying to test how far he can go without getting in trouble...and if you know me (or Ryan) at all... it's not that far.

The funny part though are some of his "excuses" and although we don't laugh where he can see us, I do appreciate the effort. He also has the perfect "who me" face down, that I **think** he gets from his Uncle Pete.

Some of the things we've heard lately...

1. Before we even "reprimand him" ... I'm sorry I not listening.
2.  It was an accident! (Ummm, you accidentally didn't hear us?)
3.  Oh? Is that what you said? I didn't hear you. (Typical male)
4. Mommy, let's play cars, and then I brush my teeth. Okay? That's the deal. (Ummm, I wasn't aware this was a negotiation.)

Needless to say, timeouts have been many and giggles have been hidden.

And now ladies and gentleman...I would like to debut the first EMERSYN KING Tiny Tale.

We were going through Ryan's moms things this week. This is a long tedious process because she has so much stuff that is extremely delicate. Emmy and Radley were playing around us and I said that I dropped something. Emmy stops playing, looks up and says (with hands to face) "Uh oh!!!" 

Love that sweet voice!

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