Tiny Tales Thursday...

Recently Radley has been very concerned about whether he is "right or wrong". (This seems to be a trend as the Hot Mess Momma told me a story about one of her girls saying the same thing). So, today's tale is more of an attempt of me capturing this part of his life.

A few moments of right vs wrong with Radley King:

1. Mommy, we go over the bridge to go home. Am I right or wrong?
2. Mommy, I said that we go to Chic Fil A then gymnastics. I'm right.
3. Mommy, Daddy said that I could watch a movie then brush my teeth. Is he right or wrong?
4. Mommy, that's blue not purple. I'm right.

And man, does he hate  to be "wrong". Whenever this happens it is always met with "But I WANT to be right!"

And while I shouldn't laugh at my precious 4 year old, son... I get so tickled at him. He is "right" about whatever it is he is saying most of the time, and it usually isn't some discussion or argument that merits a person being wrong - it's just that he wants to "know" what he is saying and know that he is right.

Men. When will they learn...women are always right. ;)

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