It's gameday, baby....


It was Radley's first soccer game!!

And I have the 200+ pictures to prove it. But don't worry - I *only* included 14 in this post. 

His fan club was there and ready to cheer him on complete with team colors! 
(And this is the part where I complain about the fact that soccer is a "winter sport" except that it's in the fall which in Texas is the equivalent to the hottest day of the year in almost every other part of Northern America). 

His team is just adorable! They were all so excited and ready to play!

They have 4 - 8 minute quarters and a 8 minute half time. So the game is 1 hour long. 

And I'm not going to lie - these 4-5 year olds are in much better shape than me. They never stopped running! (or smiling - which was my favorite part)

How cute is Ashton?

Emersyn was clearly excited to be there to cheer on her big brother to victory (even though they don't really keep score). 

They are just a fun group of kids and I was so impressed with how hard they all played!

Especially this kid....

Y'all. He really is REALLY good. 

His little athletic instincts just kicked in and he played his heart out. 

He never once gave up, never once quit trying, and maybe outran lots of people. 

And this is the face of a kid who just scored is 4th goal for the day! He was so proud but scared to be proud so he held it in as best as he could. 

Congrats on your first game, buddy!!! 

We are sooo proud of you and will be your biggest fans all the days of your life!

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