Practice makes perfect....

Radley had his first soccer practice on Thursday! It was a whirlwind hour of pick up from school, eat in car, fight College Station traffic and make it to the south part of town. 

But we did it and he was so ready to play!

And she was ready to cheer for her big brother!!

And she of course took a nap.


There are seven kiddos on his team; 5 boys and 2 girls. 
The "head coach" is a former Aggie soccer player (whoop!) and she is just awesome with them!

She had them "walking the dog" and doing other drills to get them used to using their feet. 

He just looks SO BIG out there.

I can't get over it!

Then they scrimmaged each other to get ready for their game on Saturday.

And he got a taste of a little competition. 

And kept a smile on his face the whole time.

(Can you see him his senior year of high school? Because I can and my heart breaks a little)

Emmy was cracking me up. She kept yelling "Go, Radley!" and crept a little more on the field bit by bit  (with chips in hand of course). 

Ryan finally took things in his own hands (literally) and gave her the best seat in the house. 

We were all so proud of him - it's his FIRST team sport. This is HUGE. 

I mean, I don't know if it is really "huge" but I think it is. It's going to teach him so many things. His love for THIS game could really be established. He has to learn team work, and discipline, and hard work, and how to be a winner, and how to lose.... it is huge. 

I'm so excited about the next 7 weeks with these "Tiny Tornoadoes!"

ps. This means I am officially a "soccer mom". :)

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