Tiny Tales Thursday...

A few one - liners from Emersyn....

She has become quite the girly-girl. She insists on headbands and purses and her favorite pair of shoes. We were getting ready for pictures the other morning and she noticed I had clothes sitting out. She went over to her pile and looked up at me.... "I put on my pitty dwess, Mommy?"

I could have died at her cuteness.


Emmy was easy to potty train. One day diapers - next day panties. However, we have not made the transition to sleeping overnight without a pull-up. She does nap in panties, but overnight, nosomuch. But...since she is "big gill" she wants to wear panties and stay dry like Radley. The other morning we went into her room and noticed a bare bottom sticking out of the blankets. She stirred and exclaimed, "I dwy, I DWY!"

She held up her pull ups and pointed to the "pin-cess" that was in tact. We were almost excited.

And then noticed the giant wet spot on her bed.

Step one: Wake up to pee.
Step two: Actually go to the potty.

Maybe next time, Emms.


And now for Mister Radley King.

I came home the from work on Monday and Radley was crying. It seems that he accidentally fell down and bumped his head on Landry's head. He was so upset to think that he hurt his "sweet baby sister." Ryan was explaining that the reason Radley had tripped was because he **maybe** was pouting about brushing his teeth and stormed off.

Radley: Nuh-uh (oh dear - have we already entered the "nuh-uh" phase?).
Radley: I was checking on her because she was crying. I was trying to put her paci in because Daddy wasn't even paying attention. He was just sitting there. On. His. PHONE. (with emphasis)

Ryan: ::wounded from the "bro code":: Radley - that was much earlier in the night.


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