Lovely Landry at Nine Months...

So Landry turned one two weeks ago, but I never blogged her 9 month pictures!

Here is our sweet Princess and the Pea... I just LOVE this series!

Landry was nine months in December which means we were just about to go crazy with all the holiday overload, end of semester work, overworked Daddy, Mommy may start drinking mess slightly busy with a few other things, so we focused on simple images to capture our lovely girl. 

Adorable baby.
Monogrammed onesie.
Side pony.


And she clearly wants to be a cheerleader... 

And even pointed her toes when I offered that advice.


We of course had to do our "sibling" pic from the NB shoot - Emmy has finally gotten down that she is supposed to kiss the top of her head... 

After a few outtakes of course!!! 

Allow me to introduce you to the cutest set of siblings in the world.

Handsome Radley
Adorable Emmy
Precious Landry 

(they are smart, too... we don't just focus on looks around here)

Sarah really wanted to do the "after" shots of our bump pics at 9 months.

Top: 9 months "in"
Bottom: 9 months "out"

Please note that I have the artistic skills of a 5 year old. 
(Niki and KK - I really could have used your skills these days)

This is the part that I should confess that directly after this picture Landry veered off the edge and did her first front flip (see cheerleader) but instead I will say that she was safely supervised by me and Ryan for the duration of the shoot. 

I think that when people are "styling" their photo-shoots they can get stressed out about making the picture timeless or worth the effort. My advice - is to make it YOURS. These next two shots are examples of this... We've done a pic with her baby quilt at each of her shoots. Nine months may be my favorite -

The focus is on her and the details are for me to know - that makes it special. 

Emmy's bow
Karli-bug's cardi
My shirt from my own infant days

We ended by celebrating the season because when am I ever going to have the skills of a professional photographer on Christmas morning?? Yes - I am a "mom with a fancy camera" but I am in no way a photographer. 

Sarah works with such grace to get that perfect picture - the lighting, the timing, capturing the smallest of moments... 

Knowing before I do when to make that (as Meg would say) "click click" happen... 

She's amazing... 

And once again, I am ever-so-grateful for the timeless gifts she has given to us. 

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