Double digits...

So this kid hit a major milestone this week.... 

Double digits. 

An entire decade of life. 

What in the actual world?!? 

He woke up to the usual decorated mantle with the added bonus of GIANT number balloons. 

I offered any breakfast he wanted... donuts, pancakes, homemade muffins...

"I just want a stack of Eggos please..."

One quick pic with the sisters and we were off to school.

His class celebrates all birthdays at the end of each month, which usually ends up being a giant party. So while there was no expectation of cupcakes at school, I did manage to swing by and bring him his annually requested sushi. We sat and talked about this day, how much fun he had at recess and what classes he had coming up. 

This kid is so low-key that he didn't want me to bake a cake for his actual birthday. He knew we were doing a family celebration on Sunday so he said he didn't need two. But, we can't celebrate TEN YEARS of life without cake, so after school we headed to NBC and he picked out two. 

Before we could dive into that deliciousness, he was off to soccer ... 

you know you are loved when the besties surprise you at practice just so they can hug you on your actual birthday!

FINALLY the moment he had been waiting for... PRESENTS! We usually let him open gifts before school but he wanted Ryan to be there and he was in Houston Wednesday morning. I'm actually really glad we did this at night because I had a surprise up my sleeve. 

Need more proof that he's just the best? Check out that smile when he opened socks, sour ice breaker candy and shark sheets. 

He also got a puzzle from Landry and a fidget spinner from Emmy and could not have been more excited. That was it... five gifts for his big 10.... and he could not have been more happy.

But wait... there was one gift left... and this was a special gift so he had to work for it. My mom used to send us on mini scavenger hunts for gifts in our house and I always loved it. I sent him on a horcrux hunt to find the seven horcruxes from Harry Potter... 

each clue had a Harry Potter theme and I will do a complete blog post about this.

The last clue lead to one more gift to unwrap on his bed that contained his official acceptance letter to HOGWARTS because... 


You can follow along his hunt for horcruxes here... 

I really don't think he could wrap his head around it - he was so sweet and excited and overwhelmed and grateful. 

Exactly how we feel about him!

Happiest of birthdays, Radley... may all your wishes come true!

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