Tis the season...

The leaves aren't changing, there is not a crisp in the air, and the humidity refuses to leave.... must mean one thing... SOCCER SEASON has begun!

Radley has moved up from the academy level to the club level (that just means that we paid more money) and he's pretty much loving that he has soccer three nights a week. 

I'll let you guess how I feel about that. Praise the Lord for carpool!

They had a tournament a couple of weekends ago in Houston - the girls I stayed home while Ryan and Rad made the drive. His team won all of their games and finished fourth overall (placements are determined by total goals + wins) and I loved hearing all about it from him. I also love these fancy new uniforms. I mean, those socks alone are worth the cost. 

My favorite thing about all the pictures Ryan took over the two days is that they ALL of Radley standing still. Something tells me when he started to play that Dad couldn't help but watch without that lens. He may have admitted that a few of them got "yelled at" by the couch for their overzealous encouragement. ;) 

My favorite picture of the day though... their set up between games trying to get out of the heat. Gotta love "fall" sports. 

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