Here's what we've been up through my phone's point of view... 

The kids take theme days really seriously around here. Kindergarteners have "color days" for two weeks at the beginning of each year and I'm pretty sure "brown" was Landry's favorite day... 

I mean, the girl can accessorize and also falls asleep every single day on the ride home. 

Radley had a major tooth emergency this week.  He had been complaining about an ulcer, but it turns out he had an abscessed tooth. Poor kid was in so much pain and we couldn't figure out why. Praise God that we have great friends that are dentists and a dentist that is easily accessible. We had an appointment with an endodontist and he took one look at him and said he needed a root canal. So Wednesday was not the best day ever for Radley. 

(He asked me not to share the pictures of his sweet face all swollen.) 

Meanwhile, these girls were proving that you can TOTALLY wear white after Labor Day.

The next day they were back in black... I kind of wish that every day had an assigned color because it made getting dressed so much easier. 

Emersyn has become a favorite at Landry's gymnastics class... she brings art supplies and paper and the little kids flock to her. Radley isn't usually with us but since he couldn't play soccer he and I were talking about how glad we BOTH were that we are past this super little kid stage in our lives. Emmy is already a much more patient mom than I ever was.


When I asked her what she was working so hard on she showed me these notes for her "happy teachers"... y'all... I hope she never learns how to spell "always" correctly.

They ended "color days" with pink AND maroon and they absolutely insisted on wearing both. 

We ended our week with the beginning of my FIFTEENTH year advising MSC FISH. I'm not really sure how that happened but if you can make out the words on my shirt, you may have a good idea.


And that's us in an instant!

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