Hunting for Horcruxes...

Somewhere along reading Harry Potter and absolutely falling hard for every bit of magic these books create - I knew that his 10th birthday would have to include a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter; Ryan agreed and we decided that it would be a great momma/son trip! I could not wait to surprise him with this news even though it is selfishly just as much a gift to me as to him. Just the two of us, going away for a weekend to have tons of fun in the wizarding world. 


I also decided that he simply couldn't just "unwrap" this gift - the gift giving itself had to be magical so I decided to send him on a hunt for horcruxes. The hunt wasn't elaborate and the clues weren't hard but I think he loved the search as much as getting another present! My mom would send us on scavenger hunts for presents and while I don't remember any of the gifts waiting at the end, I do remember the thought she put into making the moment special for us. 

If you're thinking about something like this - DO IT! This can be super simple, super short and incredibly fun and worth every ounce of your time!

For the "Horcrux Hunt" you will need:

1. Seven clues
2. Seven envelopes
3. Horcruxes
(Y'all - I just printed pictures from the internets... you could also purchase items to represent each horcrux but y'all ain't nobody got time for that)

Here are my clues... feel free to save and print or use them to inspire you to make your own!

(This one goes on the outside of the envelope)

I have no idea why the quality is so awful... so here is the text... 

You followed the spiders to Aragog's den
But this was the beginning not the end
Seven horcruxes are left for you to find
The first one awaits where our family dines

This high flying game is dangerous but fun
Each house surely hopes for the House Cup to be won
You win if you catch the golden snitch way up high
Horcrux #2 awaits on the device that you ride

When you arrive at school, the sorting hat awaits
Which of the houses will be your fate
Not one, but two horcruxes are what you will find
If this riddle you can solve by using your mind
A place you’d never want to see,
guarded by Dementors and filled with unpleasantries
Sirius escaped, Hagrid was released,
but from these walls many never found peace

The chamber is open, now what do you do
Warn all the others who haven’t a clue
What did Hermoine carry on their last great mission
That held blankets and tents and even a kitchen
Smaller than a bag, bigger than a pouch
The answer awaits at your spot on the couch

We said goodbye to Dobby and Hedwig too
Then Lupin and Tonks bid us adieu
Loyal to the end, bravery through and through
Take a moment to honor them, maybe grab a tissue

This person caused trouble he was to blame
For Harry’s suffering but He-Must-Not-Be-Named
Taboo at best, he aimed to hurt others
But you can put a stop to him if you look under your covers

You are loyal as a Phoenix and brave like Gryffindor
Open this envelope to reap your reward

Horcrux 1 – Tom’s Diary: Kitchen table
Horcrcux 2 – Marvolo’s Ring: Broomsticks
Horcrux 3 & 4 – Locket and Hufflepuff Cup: MOM HOLDS
Horcrux 5 – Ravenclaw Diadem: Small purse on couch
Horcrux 6 – Harry: Tissue Box
Horcrux 7 – Nagini: Bed

And here are the pictures I used. I just printed them on a full page and cut them out... you don't want them too big or they won't fit in the envelope!

At the end of the horcrux hunt I had wrapped tons of HP goodies and hidden the last envelope under everything.  Inside the envelope was his "acceptance letter" to Hogwarts and two tickets to the Hogwarts Express. 

If you love this idea and maybe want to go bigger - I found some fun sites just for you... 

Goodness, this was so much fun...can't wait to arrive in Orlando with this kid and watch all the magic come to life!

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