I would like to blame my lack of  posting life from my phone's point of view on Hurricane Harvey. I would also like to blame my weight gain on Harvey as well. Exhibit A: the guacamole. Exhibit B: cookie dough not pictured because it was immediately in my belly.

This girl decided she needed some pep in her step during all of that rain as well. 
1 parts coffee
3 parts cream
5 parts sugar

While Harvey was clearly devastating, I was thankful for him bringing this sweet little newborn our way. She made an eventful entry into the world, spending a couple of weeks in the NICU and then being discharged before the storm hit. 

I'm so thankful her momma brought her "home" so we could snuggle up close and I could hear all about her first few weeks of life. She told me that I was her favorite Zia ever. 

Her momma is one of my favorite people ever. DZ sisters that could pass for sisters!

School got delayed by one day but this girl was ready to take on the storm of kindergarten life!

You can read all about their first day here - I'm pretty sure that I am going to make them each take at least one senior picture in front of this sign. 

Back to school means back to PTO and well, that means... 

back to school also means fun outings and we celebrated a successful first week with some froyo!

One of the items you can purchase at the school festival is the "naming of the hallway" and we figured we couldn't miss the chance with all three being there together this year! 

Sometimes you just need to run to Target in the exact same clothes you slept in!

Emmy potted this plant for Mother's Day when she was in Kindergarten and it was finally outgrowing it's home. I had to cut the plastic to get it out without breaking so she insisted on having her picture made with it. 

She starts art lessons this year and y'all - HAPPY PLACE! She never has a bigger smile than when she is getting to be creative. I pray that this allows her to use the gifts He has given and that I continue to find a way to let her shine through them!

I love taking a sleeping pic of the kids one last time before their birthday. This nine year old would wake up the next morning and be in double digits and I'm still not over it!

Oh, and if you need an update on our "outside cats"... 

They are doing just fine!

I don't wear lipstick. Or I RARELY wear lipstick. I needed some on Friday so it's a good thing that my daughters are more adult than me... I found this in my purse and totally combined 3 colors. 


We did a little Harvey clean-up supply shopping after school... 

and then kept the Radley celebration continue with some friends at Jumping World. 

Don't mess with this crew - HA!

and that's us in an Instant!

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