The kids' school celebrated Grandparents' Day by inviting all grandparents to enjoy lunch with the kids. (Because nothing says "I love my grandparents" like eating cafeteria food.) Gigi never misses a chance to come visit and even though I told her to get all the kids the same lunch... she clearly didn't listen. Emmy's teacher sent me this sweet picture - she wore "little piggies" because they are Gigi's favorite. 

The kids have decided that they are going to save to buy a lake house (yay for me!) so they are always looking for ways to earn some money. They were selling some shiny rocks crystals in the front yard and this darling delivery man stopped and purchased some with his freshly earned tip money. Let's get this kid a raise. 

I'm not even going to deny that I tried this jacket on in the largest size so that I can be as awesome as these girls are. 


For the first time ever, Cindy and I got to hold newborn babies at the same time! Luckily, they aren't ours! ;) We got to bring dinner to a friend that had twin girls and they are the sweetest little things. 

Our babies holding babies - aren't they going to be the sweetest babysitters someday? 

Speaking of babies... the one with long hair in glasses is the first baby of the bunch. Now he's a junior at A&M, singing and writing songs and making us so proud. In typical fashion, Michael kept right on singing as the kids were playing, we were talking and he just kept his focus. One of life's greatest gifts and one of my greatest privileges is to raise babies with my besties. To be part of the big and small moments of the every day.

On Thursday we decided to share some sunshine with everyone that walks and runs up and down the sidewalk. They were so proud  of their work so I think we may just need to make this a little weekly tradition. 

As we were heading in for the night, a neighbor that we hadn't met was walking by and the girls got so excited. They got to share about their drawings and she asked who Landry had drawn under a bible verse, assuming it was a drawing of the girls. 

Landry replied, "Oh no... that's Jesus and Mary."

This girl is kindergarten tired. She falls asleep pretty much every day in the car and sometimes extends that nap into the house. I finally got her to wake up to remind her that it was gymnastics day. 

We had a pretty awesome movie night last week and while we were enjoying Ratatouille ... 

she was living her best life with some pizza and drinks with some gal pals from school. When her mom texted me this picture I instantly thought of this same group during the next 10 years of celebrations - homecomings, proms, graduation... it's just all too much for me to take. 

Unless she always brings home a strawberry tart and then I'll do my best.

We ended an awesome week with some awesome friends at an awesome Aggie tailgate. Texas A&M brought me the most amazing friends and anytime I can get together with them makes for the best day. 

And anytime one of them gets to love on my kids makes my heart so dang happy that I can't even take it. Three days of Auntie Sooze needs to happen more than every two years.... Emmy agrees!

And that's us in an instant!

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