Big Brother

Today we celebrated Radley becoming a Big Brother. I'm sure tons of y'all will think I'm crazy, but Ryan and I think that it's just as important to celebrate him as it is to celebrate Emersyn. A big brother is an important role especially in a little girls life. I am lucky to have both of my big brothers; they protected me, supported me, stood up for me, and made me tough (I have the scars to prove it!)

I can't wait to watch Radley and Emersyn grow up together! If she has half the personality and spunk as him then we are in BIG trouble!

Ryan and I woke up early to set up for the brunch. You would think it would be easy to put a meal together for just 10 people (I may be crazy, but we didn't have huge bash... just friends in town and our relatives...I mean I have my limits). We thought we could get most of it done before the guest of honor woke up, especially since he had an exciting day yesterday and stayed up late to play with GiGi and Pops. HA! He woke up at 6:50AM!!

Ryan was in the middle of assembling his BBQ pit and Radley just walked in. I think he was excited about his "big brother day"... but GiGi came to the rescue and with the help of Cars kept him occupied for at least 45 more minutes. ;)

Our big brother! Note...he picked out his clothes

I get a little teary eyed thinking of him being the "big" one. He was so small just a short time ago and now he is just growing up before our eyes. I can't believe just how big he is! He is going to be such a wonderful big brother and I'm just already so proud of him.

Some stats on our big brother:
Height: 34 - 35 inches tall
Weight: 29 pounds
What's he doing?: Radley is pretty much a boy genius! (biased?) He can count to 32, recite his ABCs, recognize all his letters, write the letter H (weird, huh?), has an amazing vocabulary including the words: dangerous, quickly, correctly, and annoying (all used in the correct context). He LOVES to read and can recite books including: Oh the wonderful things Mr. Brown can do, The Little Engine that Could, and some smaller board books. He is just marvelous and we are so thankful for all the joy that he brings to our lives!

We had such a fun day celebrating and Radley got to play with his best-friends (all girls, so Emmy should be a breeze for him) and enjoyed being a kid. We had tons of yummy food, water games, water balloons, bubbles, dirt and sunshine... it really was a perfect day and the perfect way to end a great weekend!

We had a dino-mite time!

Radley, Dad and Mom (aka, small eyed woman with puffy face)

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  • Radley and Kayla

    He may be growing up and becoming a big brother soon, but he will ALWAYS be my baby! I love you, Radley!!

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