A Royal HOT Mess...

Well, the last few days have been interesting to say the least. Remember the day I "took off" to be a stay at home mom? Well, that day turned into the rest of the week! That's right, our little prince has been out for the count with an awful cough and fever that never seemed to break. (And whatever he has was apparently equally distributed to his classmates since 4 of his besties have been out with the same thing).

His fever finally broke Tuesday night and he was able to sleep with little interruption. I stayed home with him again on Wednesday and things were looking up. He was still a bit whiny but I must admit he gets that honestly. I mean who doesn't want to whine when they feel icky? After his nap he woke up scolding hot; the infant Tylenol was no longer cutting it, so we had to run to Walgreens to get some children's motrin (and by motrin, I mean the Walgreens brand)

Side note... has anyone ever noticed that it's always the national brands that get recalled and the generics are just fine. Is it because the national brand really has more problems or do they just hold themselves to a higher standard? Hmmmm....

AND... is it that hard for a Walgreens pharmacy employee to just grab a thing of motrin so that we don't have to drag our kids into the store with a fever feeling pitiful? If it's that big of deal I will pay a delivery fee for something that is basically in your job description. I am afterall a Queen, so money is no object!

Ok...back to the present...

After the motrin set in he was good to go...so good in fact that he scarfed down three bowls of cereal and some other snack food that I do not believe are part of the food pyramid but he was eating and that's all that counts. He was also ready for a craft project since he had seen Mommy working on things for the past two days. Good thing I keep canvases and paint handy...

Then like clockwork, the dang fever hit again and he was knocked out again. We were starting to get a bit worried so we called up our friendly on call nurses who assured us this was all "normal". REALLY? NORMAL? I'd like to see what the medical field defines normal as opposed to my good pal Mr. Webster.

We decided that this mystic fever struck while Radley was sleeping, so tonight we would just let him sleep in his pull ups and a shirt. He had fallen asleep on the couch so I quickly changed him and we were all set. The next morning, our little man seemed to be back... he sprung out of the bed and ran into the kitchen on what seemed like a search for something. Ryan and I were both very confused, so I stopped his treasure hunt and asked what he was looking for.

As serious as can be he replied...

"Where are my pants?.... I think I lost them."

All I could do was laugh... he had no recollection of the
night before and just really wanted his gorilla pants back. (I was also thinking that that phrase will have a completely different meaning in 20 years...)

We had the help of Miss KK on Thursday so I could go to work. I am trying to convince her to throw away her life plans, move in and take care of my children, but so far she hasn't gone for my offer! By this point, Mr. Radley was LOVING the attention and milking it for all it was worth. He was also creating fake ailments that would suddenly go away at the mention of another doctor visit.

With the help of KK, we were able to capture some of the more pitiful and not so pitiful moments of yesterday...

Today I am glad to report that he is almost back to normal! (I say almost because who really knows what normal is!) I know that he will be glad to be back at school on Monday and I also know two other royalities that will be glad for his schedule to recommence as well!

A few things I've learned this week...

1. I love to whine when I am sick; I do not love to hear it coming from others
2. Thomas the Tank Engine is the devil
3. Cereal is a complete meal (even if served for every meal for 3 days)

4. When it rains.... it really does pour
5. Suffering isn't so bad when you're not alone 
6. And there is nothing like the love of friends to cheer you up after a tiring week! Thank you to everyone that showered Emersyn with goodies at my TAMU shower!!

Have a great weekend everyone and sorry for the longest post ever!

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