Old friends, new fun and a week that's just begun...

We had such a fun weekend visiting with Ryan's two best friends from high school (Jamie and Chris) and their wives (Kacey and Stephanie). Jamie and Kacey have an almost 4 year old little girl, Karys and are expecting baby Khyler, also a girl, in August. Chris and Stephanie are expecting a baby in November but aren't finding out the gender... crazy!! I mean how do you get things monogrammed!?! :) We tried convincing Chris to give-in but he just wouldn't budge!

Radley and Karys had a lot of fun playing together despite the fact that he was getting over the ickies and then got hit with a bout of pink eye. She is going to be a great helper for her mom once her baby sister arrives. Radley just followed her everywhere!

Playing in the "PUS" truck

My eyes are still big mommy... just a little pink!

The boys had a lot of fun goofing off and playing together too. I made a giant italian dinner (thank you, Mom, for teaching me how to cook) and everyone loved it... even the eggplant parmesan and then the ladies went on a liquor run for the men. You should have seen our giant bellies with that beer... it was a site to see. So much in fact, that people were actually taking pictures of us with their phones. SO... if you see me on a website, be sure to send me the link and don't judge... I promise it was for the boys!

The boys got in a round of golf on Sunday and the ladies did some shopping. It was just a great treat to hang out with such special friends! Can't wait to see y'all again!! We should do it more often!

Radley finally got to go back to school today and he was just so excited...and so were Mom and Dad. He seems to be back to normal which means our house is once again filled with laughter, singing and tons of toys.... the royal life indeed. He even helped me cook "hamburger bites" tonight... which are just sloppy joes wrapped in crescent rolls. Have you ever noticed that EVERYTHING tastes better in a crescent roll?? Yum. Yum.

Making dinner

He may or may not get this OCDness from me...

The week should be lots of fun... Ryan's birthday is Wednesday and we are having a "Big Brother Brunch" on Sunday for the Radster. Our lives are always busy which is just the way we like it!

Until next time...

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