A girl's best-friends...

This is me... 36 weeks pregnant. Yep. Me and Emmy and all of our glory! (The glasses and small eyes are because my son decided to share pink eye with Mommy and Daddy... isn't he sweet). Over the last 36 weeks I have developed new and close friendships that I didn't have before and I wanted to share them with you all now.

While this pregnancy has not been difficult, it has been different. I mean, the first time around I got to come home from work, prop my feet up and admittedly watch 3 hours of TBS... it was grand. This time around I have a buddy. He is active and funny and very into getting up and down and going to parks and playing with trains (on the FLOOR)!! The first 20 - 25 weeks this wasn't such a big deal. I mean, I'm a former cheerleader/RHS athlete how hard could that be? Until it is.

At this point once I'm down we are there for a while. There is no bending. There is no reaching. There is no flexibility. Zip. Zilch. There is a very cute little man wanting my attention and there is one torn mommy wanting to give it to him since she knows that people's attention is going to be diverted by another "yitter" very soon. So I do what I can.

Now back to my new best-friends... let me introduce you.
The notepad. I'm sure you are ALL thinking, "whatever, Katy, you've been organized since YOU were in the womb." And yes, I have been. But this is beyond my need to organize. This is to survive. Things just pop in and out of my brain like something that pops in and out of something. (see, I can't even come up with a good simile). SO... this dear friend goes with me everywhere! I love her. We shall call her, Brownie.
This, now this will most likely NEVER leave my bed again! (Sorry, Ryan!). My sweet, husband purchased this for me early on in my pregnancy knowing that I am a stomach sleeper. DEVOUT stomach sleeper. Well, when you have about 20 extra inches of stomach (give or take) you no longer get to sleep tummy down. This baby, let's call her Poppy the Pillow, allows me to sleep as soundly as possible all curled up comfy and cozy. The little things.

I actually went on a business trip in February and Ryan was so concerned that I wasn't going to be able to sleep that he had a similar version of Poppy delivered to my room. He now sleeps with her. We may never touch again. :)

And then, there are these lovely ladies. Yes, I know we all have them... I mean but at 36 weeks pregnant you depend on them. I am a sweller. I retain water like the Hoover Dam (ha! I'm back) and have done so a lot more with Emersyn than Radley. I think it's because I have Radley to chase after... that... and I just don't know how to sit down and relax. Every morning these dear friends are waiting for me to slip them on to accompany me on my daily routine. Radley usually does the honor of selecting my shoes (which are usually the silver ones) so I don't even have to bend down to get them! Bonus!

And last, but certainly not least. Is this guy. The man I love and who loves me, too. Thank you, babe, for comforting me, for getting me pillows, for making me water when I'm standing at the sink. For rubbing my feet (with lotion) anytime I ask. For taking deep breaths when I'm just too much and for finding the energy and strength and enthusiasm to put up with all that I throw at you.

I am blessed and lucky to have you! Love you so much!

Now, about that icecream...

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