Fit for a Queen...ummm.... a Princess!

I've been getting lots of requests to see pictures of Emmy's room and while I am no design guru, I think that it turned out absolutley lovely! It is so calming and relaxing. I go in there at least once a day and just sit and rock and try to picture what it will be like when she arrives.

Radley also has fun playing in there because it usually means that he is helping with some project. He also gets a kick out of his "baby furniture". We used his nursery furniture for her room and made him a "Big Boy Room"... maybe I'll show pictures of that next.

We have lots of special touches in her room that make it even more delightful and just really love the way it turned out. Emmy invites you in...

Come on in! This was made by one of my students (thanks, Meg!) It is the ONLY thing that Radley has been jealous of. He wanted to know where his "R" was. When I told Meg this little fact she quickly made one for him, too!

The view as you walk in the door. Our friends, the Fords put a chair rail in their kids' rooms and I just loved it! Ryan did all of it himself and insisted on no help from anyone. He wanted to make it special for Emmy (ummm, can you say Daddy's little girl?)

This was her giant wall and we were both so afraid of what to put here. One day I just thought that stained glass would look great. It's dainty and timeless... just like she will be! :) We made the trip down to Brenham with my MaMaw, Mom and Radley in tow and found the perfect pieces. These are even more special because MaMaw purchased them. She is Emersyn's namesake and wanted to do something for her first great grand-daughter.

The bird is my new obsession. Aren't birds just soooo cute?!? We found this at a cute store in CS and thought that it would complete the room. It's metal so we added magnets and posted some pics of our favorite Big Brother on them!

Close up... complete with Target coupon!

Aren't they beautiful!?!

I made her these bow holders. They may be a little empty now, but something tells me that they'll fill up fast!(Sorry I forgot to take down the bumblebee on the changing table, but if she is anything like Radley then we will need the distraction to keep her still!)

We found these in Brenham, too. Not antiques, but the perfect addition and something that will grow with her. The top one says: Imagination creates dreams, builds dreams and gives us hope. The bottom one says: Beauty grows from within the heart and reveals itself as a sparkle in the eyes.

Radley likes to point out that is HIS rocking chair, but he never wants to rock anymore. Such a big boy! We'll see if that lasts once she arrives.

I ordered her bedding from Etsy as well as the sign above her bed. I can't decide if I need to add anything to that part of the wall.

Sign -- http://www.etsy.com/shop/defineyourspacevinyl
Bedding -- http://www.etsy.com/shop/fingersandtoes

Great score from Hobby Lobby ... only $15.00!! I made the "ragamuffin" garland to give it some character! Isn't it just so cute!!

Little baskets for the changing table

I love labeling...

It just makes everything so much more fun! Don't ya think!?!?

Her closet! It's ridiculous how much more storage space we needed for a girl than a boy. She already has more shoes than Radley has had in his whole life!! And thanks to Tia, Caro, and Anna we don't need to buy an article of clothing for the next six months. We will of course, because girl clothes really are cuter... but I will be sensible! There are also some very special outfits in there that my mom had saved from when I was baby. They really don't make stuff like that anymore and I can't wait to see her in them!

I think my favorite part of the closet is all those diapers! Thanks, everyone, for stocking us up!

The top of her dresser complete with picture of our little one girl. Radley had to buy that birdhouse for Emersyn one day at HL... and I love it! Then he painted that bird for her at U Paint-It Pottery. Letters were crafted by my sweet friend, Amber.

Full view (sorry, I kind of went out of order on some of these, huh?) The items on the top of the cabinet were all mine when I was a little girl. Thanks, Mom!
Words of inspiration from friends! Thanks, again, Amber!

And last, but not least...everything that needs to be put into our "hospital" bag!!

Hope you like her room as much as we do! She will be here before we know it! I have told her that she has to wait until at least June 6 to arrive. In my head that just seems like a date that we'll be "ready"! HA! When are you ever ready!?!? Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time...

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  1. Love the nursery! It is precious and artsy and fun! Glad my additions went well with the great room! Now only 15 days (or maybe less) till she is here!