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So I mentioned that I am "blog stalker". It's really not my fault...my friend, Cindy , got me started and now I'm hooked. It's just interesting to read about people, get a view of their lives and maybe some fun ideas on cooking, decorating, child rearing, etc... (or in some cases ideas of what NOT to do). Our husbands just LOVE that we talk about people we have never/will never meet as if we've known them for years.

Anywho... one blog that I follow, Kelly's Korner , features a post every Friday called "Show Us Your Life". Sometimes the topics are fun and I kinda liked todays, so I wanted to take the opportunity to share what I love with all of you...


1. Raising a family with Ryan and

knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best-friend

2. Watching Radley grow from this...

to this! And all the years that will follow!

3. My parents and brothers... no matter near or far they are always my family!

4. The fact that my parents have been married for 40 years! What an inspiration! (And yes, my dad carries her purse for her)

5. Having a group of girlfriends for a lifetime!
From left: Lyndee (friends since we were 2), Jenni (friends since 1st grade), Charis (friends since 8th grade), Me

6. The Tuley women! Jenni and I became "besties" in first grade which led our moms to become besties which allowed me to grow up with sisters! Kerri and Chrissy are more like me than Jenni sometimes! HA!

7. My college roomies, The Munsons, and everyone that's part of the "3202 crew"!

8. Raising my children with friends that I admire and love!

9. Taking super close up pictures and acting like I'm a photographer! HA!

10. The great students that I get to work with each day and the fun experiences that they allow me to have! This is a group of us in Costa Rica in March 2009!

I would be missing a whole lot of things if I didn't mention...

** Having people in my home and hopefully making them feel as if they can stay as long as they like ** Cooking from a recipe and then making it my own ** Creating something special for people that I love ** Random acts of kindness ** Hot showers ** Texas summers ** Being passionate enough about something that you cry ** Being from a small town ** Blue Bell Cookies and Cream ** Sonic DPs ** Meeting new people ** New York City (I know its cliche, but I LOVE it) ** Watching movies over and over and over again ** My LIFE! :)

I think I could just go on and on... so I'll stop!

Happy Friday! Tomorrow I am "power cooking" with some friends... should be an interesting day!

Now off to live my happily ever after...

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