March {picture} Madness...

Around the time that March Madness was getting under way, the Kings set out on Emmy's 9 month photo shoot. Once again the lovely Sarah Giles of Butterfly Chaser Photography captured this time in Emmy's first year and today, I got our sneak peek!

(Yes, I realize that March was a while ago...but these pictures (as with all of Sarah's work) were worth the wait!)

This one is being blown up and framed and placed somewhere to be seen in our house. 
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

I made pinwheels for the shoot and the look on Ryan's face says how he felt about them. 

We started taking pictures at 7:45am, so it took Emmy a while to warm up. But we all know Radley is always ready for a picture! Here is making a fish face!

And here he is posing for Toms! ;)

Sarah took us over to Northgate (a strip of bars frequented by the "college kids") to do these next couple of shots. This is Emmy in "Bottle Cap Alley" - an alley that is made of old bottlecaps that the bars throw out each night. Doesn't it make the coolest backdrop? 

She would not sit still and kept lunging for those caps. She actually fell off the coke crate and scraped her head a little (great mom, huh? Rusty metal and beer) but didn't shed a tear because she had her bottle caps. 

I bought this coke freezer a few years ago for $30 at an antique store! Quite the steal I would say! The bow was attached to her bandana in her newborn shoot. Crazy how she's grown huh? 

I love how a photographer sees things. Look at this backdrop! Clabber Girl should pay us to use this in an add for sure! 

I love how animated this little man is... 

Wonder where he got that attention loving thing from? 

Seriously? That hair cut and those big brown eyes get me every. time. 

We have taken this pic each session since Emmy was born. I love how they get more playful. Wonder how long he will laugh when she pulls his hair?

Then Rad headed to school and we headed to Sarah's to take a few more of Emmy. 


She started posing towards the end. ;)

I love these feet flair, but I realized after the shoot that I put them on wrong! Oh well, still precious! 

And our sweet flower child! 

Thank you so much, Sarah! I know you had these posted on your blog, but I had to post them here, too! Can't wait to see the CD...may have to post more! :)

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