Tiny Tales Thursday...

 It is probably no surprise that within a 2 minute time period, the house can go from neat and tidy to disaster zone. We really don't mind because what would be the point of having all these toys if the kids never played with them.

One night we were starting to wind down which meant that it was time to clean up the toys. Radley doesn't usually mind but also doesn't jump for joy at the thought of playtime being over. This particular night, we was a little more reluctant than most.

I was in the bathroom getting Emmy ready for her bath when Radley walked in and as sweet and serious as can be said

"But, mommy. My legs are just too tired to clean up toys. I need a rest."

And while I almost did melt at his attempt to get out of it. The timer was set and the toys were picked up in 5 minutes.

Maybe next time, buddy.

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