Tiny Tales Thursday...

Radley and Emmy have a new game of pushing "cars" around and around and around the house. He uses a push toy that was his as a baby and she has her ever trusty Ladybug (seriously, NaNa...she is obsessed with it). I think they would do this all day every day and it is so fun to just watch them. And it's not too bad for my heart either, since it swells up to see them play together. He gets more and more excited about being a big brother and about having a little playmate. 

Last night as it was time for bed he wanted to read a big brother book. We read him a few books over and over again before Emmy arrived to show him how important being a big brother is for a little sister. I was a little surprised that he wanted that book because it had been so long, but I began to read and not surprisingly, he still had it memorized reciting the words right along with me. When we got the part of "Babies are little. They are too little to talk, too little to walk...." Radley interrupted:

Not MY baby. She can walk to me now. 

Oh I love this. His baby. His pride and joy. His bestie.

My heart is truly happy indeed.

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