Tiny Tales Thursday...

Ryan and I hate our mattress. It's awful. It's slightly better than sleeping on cylinder blocks, but still not good. We had grand plans of purchasing ourselves a mattress for Christmas, but then our refrigerator broke so our mattress became a fancy place to store food.

Anywho. Since we don't love our mattress we have gotten in the habit of sleeping on our couches. I know, that's awful. But we LOVE our couches and they are much closer to the kids' rooms in case anyone has a bad dream. Less walking = more sleep.

Over the course of the past two months of this habit, we have woken up to find Radley watching the TV that we left on, or him just curled up sleeping next to us. Awesome parenting, huh? On Tuesday night we ventured over to our other set of couches because I was working on a craft project in the other room. Around 2pm I woke up and Radley is curled up on the other couch sound asleep.

I wake him up:

Me: Buddy, come on, let's go to bed.
Rad: alkghakhgal (that's grumbling)
Me: Come on, buddy, I'll carry you.
Picking Rad up
Me: Why didn't you wake us up?
Rad: Because.
Me: Because why? Were you scared?
Rad: No. I just wanted to sleep on the couch like you and Daddy.

Great. These kids see everything. I guess we'll have to suffer through cylinder blocks to make sure he knows we are supposed to stay in our beds.

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