Tiny Tales Thursday...

I know the little is supposed to look up to the big, but here lately Radley has had some one liners that make me think he wants his sister by his side all the time...

Scenario 1:

Me: Good morning, Rad! Did you sleep ok?
Rad: rubbing eyes Yes, Mommy. Where's Emmy?

Scenario 2:

Almost bath time; Rad uses restroom so I tell him he can play in his underwear for a bit.

Rad: Where's Emmy?
Me: Playing.
Rad: She in her underwear?
Me: No, she's in her play clothes.
Rad: Oh, well, take off her shorts so she can be like me.

Scenario 3:

I'm cleaning the dishes and Radley and Emmy are playing.

Rad: Mommy?
Me: Yes, buddy?
Rad: Can I take Emmy to my room to play?
Me: Of course.
Rad: She likes my cars a lot.
Me: I know, buddy, and she likes you a lot, too.

Love them.

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