Some of my favorite moments are the ordinary ones. I love the nights that Ryan gets home before seven and our little family can just hang out and do "nothing".

Last week Emmy's new car seat came in so Ryan adjusted all the straps according to her petite size. Technically she should probably still be in a rear facing seat, but she yells. A LOT. when facing backwards, so we will promise to buckle her extra tight. 

She loved this thing. She instantly knew it was for her. Even when he was done "fitting" her for it, she kept making her way back over to the seat and climbing back in like she was ready for a ride. 

The only thing that was a bit more interesting was her brother playing..... you guessed it... CARS. 

We have now moved onto "Cars 2" which is a COMPLETELY different game from "Cars". 

Carla Veloso, Francesco Bernoulli, Lightening, Raoul CaRoule, and Jeff Gorvette line up for the big race. 

Carla spins out. 

And Francesco takes the lead. 

But somehow Lightening always wins. (He was sooo fast, I couldn't snap the picture). 

Yes, ordinary moments make my heart happy indeed. 

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