Down the tubes...

Our sweet Emmy had a big day on Friday. 
She got tubes put in both of her ears. 
And as weird as it may seem to parents whose children have never had an ear infection - we could not have been more thankful! Emmy went almost a full year without an infection, but it seemed as if she has never gotten over it and although she still remains "happy" - you can tell that she's uncomfortable. So tubes it was!
Excuse the long story that is about to commence, but I need to remember this just as it happened. 

On Thursday night, GiGi arrived. She was going to take Radley to school on Friday since we had to be at the surgery center so early and stick around "just in case." Well, thank you GIGI!

Our night was pretty routine. It was pancake night which is always a favorite - so much so that Emmy ate 4 pancakes (I ate 3). She could have probably kept going but I made her stop. Bath and bed followed and that's where things went a little sour. 

Emmy would not settle down. She had the worst night of sleep since she came home from the hospital. Probably ever in her life. She kept waking up and just couldn't seem to get comfortable. I thought maybe she had this secret baby sense and knew she would be under the knife the next morning, but that's just me. 

Finally I got her and put her next to me and sent Ryan in the other room so he could sleep since he had to work after her procedure. I kept rubbing her tummy and she finally went to a solid sleep around 1:30am. Which is when my migraine started to creep in. I didn't want to get up because I didn't want to disturb her so I thought I would will it to sleep. No such luck - it just got worse and worse. 

I finally sent Ryan a text to bring me medicine around 3:30am - he did, but it was too late. Full fledged migraine complete with nausea. He laid with Emmy, I went to the other room and felt so bad by 4:45am that I woke up my mom to take care of me. 

The next two hours were rough. That's all I say. But I was determined to be there for Emmy, so I mustered up the strength and we headed to the surgery center at 6:45am.

She was in the happiest mood and just looked so cute in her pjs. 

We checked her in and got her prepped and ready to go. The staff was amazing and so sweet and calmed all of our nerves. She was out of our site for about 10 minutes total. 

She was bouncing off the walls and except for two cotton balls in her ears you would never know anything was done at all. 

I on the other hand headed straight for the couch to recover. Please note how small my head looks compared to my body. I had on a ton of layers and just could not get comfortable. Thank goodness my mom was there!

Miss Priss was as happy as could be! She did take a three hour nap but other than that didn't miss a beat!

We hope that this is the solution to those pesky infections!

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