It's hot out there...

Have you heard that it's HOT outside? ;)

Texas is in the middle of another "record breaking" summer heat wave and no rain to boot. This makes for some uncomfortable days, nights, walks to the car, trips to the store, I even said "it's too hot to go swimming"


This is getting a little ridiculous. 

But, everytime I think that "it's too hot" I quickly switch my thoughts to this guy...


You think it's hot in YOUR car... well just think about your friendly neighborhood UPS man who is driving a truck, with NO A/C, probably no power steering, a very uncomfortable seat, and gets to head to the back of said vehicle to retrieve happiness for people. Oh, and the back of the truck probably measures somewhere in the 120 degree mark in the heat of the day. 
Still warm? Me either. :)

Now, in honor of my dear, sweet, sexy UPS man husband (and his charming group of men in brown) I would like to offer some advice on what NOT to say when they come knocking on your door... 

1. UPS Man drenched in sweat in the middle of a drought... Man, is it raining out there?No jackass, it's over 100 degrees, I just had to run from your dogs that you refuse to keep in a fence and I'm carrying 20 pounds worth of ammo that you order every day. It's called sweat. 

2. Is it hot enough out there for ya? No, I actually like it to stay right around 130, so I know what hell feels like to motivate me to go to church and pray for you. 

3. Do they make you work all day? Well, since UPS is a Fortune 500 company and they try to make money, yeah, the make us work all day long. But if you know of anyone that, well, gives half days off just to stay inside in the A/C then let me know.

4.  Man, sure glad it's you and not me out there. Considering you just tracked me down to get your package off the truck because you couldn't wait until I got to your driveway, I'm glad you're not driving around either. 

5. Try to stay cool. Again, I would love for this to happen, which is why I am standing on your porch listening to you tell me about your latest QVC purchase that will stay in the box like the 100 other packages I've delivered this year...you think I really want to know about your steam cleaner?

6. The fall will be here soon. Yes, September is less than 20 days away. But this is Texas. We stay warm until that one day in December when the temperature drops to 20 degrees and then you'll ask me why I have on shorts. 

I'm sure your UPS man would never reply with such snarky remarks, those were just for fun. :) 

So, friends...next time you see your friendly-neighborhood man in brown, do them a favor, give them a bottle of water or an icee pop. Tell them thanks for their service and have a nice day. 

Ryan, thank you for working hard for us. Thank you for smiling through the heat, being a great employee, setting an example of the meaning of work ethic for our kids and coming home ready to play, make dinner, wash babies, read bedtime stories and be silly with our family. 

We love you so much!

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