You are my Sunshine...

Yesterday was a big day at our house...

Radley moved up the Sunshine class! He was so pumped! 

He seemed so BIG yesterday. Maybe it's because he wore his first outfit from the "other side" of the Target aisle! And he wore his cool new kicks that he got to pick out all by himself!

Emmy thought it was kind of silly that I was there to take pictures.

But Radley enjoyed hamming it up for the camera! Look at him with his hands in his pockets - such a mini-me.

We really love the school he attends. They follow a great curriculum and are learning things at 3 and 4 that I don't really think you need to know until kindergarten. Yesterday he came home with a whole packet of worksheets that he had traced, wrote his name, counted to 100, etc... 
It is just amazing what a little brain can do!

 He had a great day with his friends and was ready for some more today! 

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