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Yesterday was another milestone in our house...Radley went to the dentist for the first time! At a dentist friend's recommendation, we decided that around the age of 4 was when we would go and I am so glad that we waited until this age to take him, too. He was excited to get his teeth counted and brushed.

I LOVED going to the dentist when I was little. Dr. Mathis' office always had such fun games and toys and even tiny little chairs in the shape of teeth in the waiting room. I knew that I wanted Radley to see a pediatric dentist in hopes he would have the same experience. And he was pretty excited to walk in and see a Wii, PS3 and other games in the waiting room. (I think we'll wait until he's at least 6 to play the video games though). ;)

We walked back to our room and the excitement grew when he spotted a "Lightming" poster on the wall and a TV on the ceiling. He was a little disappointed that the movie playing was a girl movie though, but was still all smiles. 

Dr. Kalke gave him the option of laying down or sitting up. He tried laying down at first,

but decided that sitting up was better. 

Look at him - I still can't believe how OLD this one little thing makes him seem. Breaks my heart a bit - we went to "Old McDonald's" for lunch before this and there was a group of "big boys" on the playground (like 8-10) and they seemed so different. And smelly. ;) I want to keep him this age forever!

We got a glowing report and will go back in 6 months for another cleaning! So proud of our little man!

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