Sun, Sand, Wind, and Don...

Day two got off to an early start as we headed down to the beach. 

Mom and Dee were off to find some shells (even though they both have about 10,000 in their possession - they are the reason we don't find sand dollars anymore...we have them all!)

And the kids were ready to dive right back into the ocean! 

I love their little squinty faces - like they couldn't open their eyes all the way because the sun was just too bright! I probably took 20 pictures of them like this and Emmy didn't look up for any of them! 

She was ready to get in the water... 

And go exploring. 

Kenly was such a big helper on the trip! Radley and Karli would do just about anything that she said (wish they would listen to their parents like that), she fed Cooper, played with Emmy, got pacifiers and diapers and even showed off her newly acquired swimming skills! Spending four days with her makes me ready for 8 year olds!

Radley and Karli kept picking up driftwood and making a little collection. Then they would take it back to the ocean and start all over again. He clearly can't keep his eyes open. ha!

I love how she would hold her hat down so it wouldn't fly away. 

About an hour into the morning it was just me, Radley and Karli left on the beach. We played in the sand, made castles, went into the waves and just had so much fun. 

Cooper man and Jenni joined us and then the rest of the gang came back to set up our canopy for the day. 

They just played and played and played...

I headed back up to make us a quick picnic lunch and then we got to feed the birds with the leftovers. 

I can't look at a seagull without hearing "Mine, mine, mine..." over and over again. Way to go Disney. ;)

And then, it happened. We had been at the beach for about 3 1/2 hours and noticed the water was creeping up a little higher and higher. I was aware enough to hang our cameras from the canopy "just in case" and I am so glad that I did. We took the kids for a quick walk on the beach and when we came back it happened... Don was actually trying to make his appearance and a surge of water covered our towels, bags, shoes, and sand toys. Thank you, Lord, for telling me to hang up the cameras because that would have been awful. 

I WISH I had pictures of our reaction and our attempt and taking everything back up to the room. I have two double beach towels that probably weighed 70 pounds after the sand and water had soaked in - what a funny sight as we hauled the stuff and kids back to our room! 

So what did we do? We packed up the car and drove down to the pier to go shelling and then grab some snow cones!

These three just had the best time together!

Karli was so proud of her finds. 

And Radley kept adding stuff to GiGi's bucket. 

After "shelling" we loaded up to get our cones. It didn't take long for them to fall asleep - so we made a stop at the IGA for some dinner items so they could take their naps.

I just LOVE their sandy shoes standing in line... 

Beach feet are quintessential to summer... 

And the green toes don't hurt. 

I could eat snow cones every day and so could this kid...although I would not choose the Cotton Candy that he ate. I'm a Fuzzy Monkey girl (peach and banana mixed)...

I quit taking pictures at this point but did snap a few on my phone of TS Don making his way to shore.

This is at 8:15pm

 And this is at 8:25pm... isn't it crazy how the sky changed color like that in 10 minutes?

Don brought some wind and strong waves but other than that he was pretty gentle. We ended our night listening to the shore and  eating chicken fettuccine, breadsticks and ice cream of course! 

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