Back to School...

The time had finally arrived and the Wee3Kings were heading back to school. Sometimes I'm good and remember to recreate pictures of each of the kiddos for a major milestone and the night before kindergarten picture may be the best compilation series I have thought of. (Ok, so I feel like this is the only example of me doing that but whatever). (Also, I was really into "A Beautiful Mess" in my early instagram days). 

The next morning they were up, dressed and ready to go before 7am! 

I'm pretty thrilled that they are all on one campus this year and for much more than just the selfish reason of one drop off and one pick up. 

(But let's be honest, that's a pretty awesome perk!)

I'm excited because these are their people. Whether they know it or not... they will have for the rest of their lives. Siblings. No matter how bad they annoy you they are simply your...



and end. 

Ryan and I are the bookends to their story... the cover really and we all know that you lose that silly ol' cover at some point. It gets wrinkled and ripped and lost along the way... but those pages on the inside are filled with the goodness and grace of the chapters of your life. I am so thrilled that they get to be here for the beginning of Landry's journey and the ending of part of Radley's. 

We made a "drop off game plan" the night before that included walking Radley to his classroom to drop his stuff and snap pics with his teachers. I can't even begin to express how pumped we are about these two women. Their teaching philosophy, their enthusiasm, their commitment to these kids.... just praying they stick around for four more years so all three kids get to benefit from their love!

Next up, we dropped off Emmy's things and snapped pics with her teachers. She and Ms. Gonzalez are kind of my favorite pair to watch - Ms. G knows how to handle the sass of Emmy! We have heard nothing but shining things about Mrs. Brenner and it turns out she went to high school with my DZ lil sis and her brother! Small world! 

Then it was finally time to drop off our big new kindergartener. She was all smiles posing with her new teachers, hanging up her backpack and getting settled into her desk. 

I don't think any of us really wanted to leave her there... she's not just my baby... she is OUR baby and in that moment of watching Radley and Emersyn be filled with pride for her and be proud OF her, well, my sappy momma heart almost lost it. 

And then we had to walk away and I didn't let her see me cry... not when she was wearing that giant smile!

The plan was to walk the bigs back to their classrooms,  but Radley was pretty over us by then and just wanted to head down the hall alone. So I of course made him take a picture with me and then gushed about how much I love him. 

We are such fantastic parents that we dropped Emmy off in the wrong classroom. (In our defense, the list switched since meet the teacher.) 

And then the waiting... A&M was still closed from Harvey and UPS is clearly not operating in Houston right now, so Ryan and I had a day to get stuff done. My list included a movie, a puzzle and blogging... his list included working outside, running errands, car repair and boring things. Then it was finally time to go get them and I am so glad that we were all there together. We got to hear about their day, their favorite subjects, their new friends and their teachers. We just got to be and that's not something we do enough. 

We OF COURSE couldn't finish the day without seeing the Munsons, especially since they are our Sonic soul mates. Alas, their school was having a fundraiser so they couldn't make it for Happy Hour, instead we went to see them, mainly so these besties could squeal and share all about their day. 

This six-pack is my favorite. 

Josh and Cindy had parent orientation so the kids twisted our arms to let the Munsons come hang with us that night and these babies convinced me that they needed a photoshoot with their cute faces and matching backpacks. 

Back to school, back to fun, back to learning... on to new things, new lessons, new memories.... these girls are going to bring such light to their classmates over the next 13 years... what an honor it will be to watch!

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