A legacy...

So one of the best things I did in college was join a sorority and one the best things my parents paid for/supported was the fact that I joined sorority.

Those of you that know me (which I'm sure is anyone that is reading this because I don't think I've yet reached the ultimate blog goal of having strangers follow me... oh to dream! I digress...)

Anywho... those of you that know me are not surprised to discover that I LOVED rushing a sorority. Everything about it is right up my ally. Meeting new people, telling random stories, making new friends... it was great! Well, back in August of 1997 I was in the middle of what is now known as "sorority recruitment".

The first day you got to visit all 12 houses on campus and for most it was a L-O-N-G day in the Texas heat all dressed up trying to keep your hair fresh, your sweat minimal, your clothes unwrinkled, etc... For me, it was a day in the same $35 outfit I got at Jacque Penne (JcPenney) earlier that year and I'm pretty sure a pair of shoes from Payless! :) But, by 9:30 at night, I, too was a bit tired.

Until I went to the final house...

All of a sudden the doors flew open and Spice Girls was blaring on the speakers. 150 women were singing at the top of their lungs to made up words to this now classic... "If you wanna be my sister" ... and I was hooked.

{bid day 1997}

From that moment I knew that I wanted to be a Delta Zeta and I am so glad that I am. Through this organization I got to meet such wonderful women and friends. Two stood beside me as bridesmaids on my wedding day and one is now the Godmother to Radley. What a wonderful blessing to have such great women to laugh with, cry with, lean on and support through each step of our lives.

I'm still active in our alumnae group and serve as the faculty advisor for the TAMU Chapter. Recruitment was last week and although the styles have changed and they sing a different tune, one thing remains the same... friendships are formed and sisterhood is created.

I just had to take Emmy to her first bid day and introduce her to the pink and green...

She got to meet one of her future sorority sisters, too!

Who knows... maybe in the fall of 2026 she will be welcomed in the halls of the DZ singing the same tunes as me, learning a secret handshake and password that was formed 100 years ago.
How fun would it be to not only have her as my daughter, but to look at her on the day that she becomes my "sister", too.

In the flame...

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  1. I love this post so much!!! Love the pics of Emmy and Kara's little girl.