Power Cooking for the Fall...

We had a jam packed weekend filled with a birthday celebration for Jeremy, a bridal shower for sweet Kerri Tuley (can NOT believe she's getting married... she's supposed to be 17 years old), a run to the library, grocery shopping and the new American past-time Power Cooking!!

This version of PC was a bit more difficult because the crew of 4 each had to do it at our own houses. We all apparently lead crazy, busy lives and couldn't find a time to meet, socialize and cook. **Note: NEVER try to do this alone if it's your first time... you will go crazy. I suffered about 2 panic attacks on Sunday and I'm a pro!**

I made three dishes this time, Turkey Tetrazzini, Chicken Ranch Tenders and Chicken Spaghetti. You can see the first two recipes here.

Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti
1/2 cup diced red bell pepper
1 medium onion diced
2 cans diced tomato with oregano, basil and onion (undrained)
2 cups diced chicken
8 oz spaghetti
1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
5 oz Velveeta cheese

I quadrupled the recipe to make 4 casseroles with 6 servings each.

Step 1: Gather ingredients

Step 2: Chop bell peppers

Step 3: Saute bell pepper and onion (once again I just used frozen chopped onions)

Step 4: Add canned tomatoes and worcestershire; bring to a boil and cook 8 minutes. Meanwhile cook spaghetti according to package directions

Step 5: Mix ingredients and place in baking dish. Cover and freeze! When ready to eat thaw overnight and bake at 35o degrees until heated through.

Ryan and Emmy helped me get stuff together this time...

We had food EVERYWHERE!

This is what each family got from the Kings!

All together each family received 17 meals and one side of twice baked potatoes for the low low cost of $5.88/meal!! ISN'T THAT AMAZING!?!?!

We are making big batch soups in November so if you have a yummy recipe send it my way!!

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  1. I love this idea so much! The thought of trying to do this in my NYC kitchen cracks me up though.