Tiny Tales Thursday

KK picked Radley up from school on Monday and Emmy started to cry a bit in the car. She wouldn't settle down and was getting pretty upset when Radley started to laugh.

KK: Rad, it's not nice to laugh at your sister. Do you want people to laugh at you when you cry?
Rad: No
KK: Well, it's not funny when she cries either.
Rad: But it's funny to me, KK.

I don't think Empathy is one of his top five strengths.

On Tuesday night we were putting Radley to bed and saying our bedtime prayers. We always end with "Now I lay me down to sleep" and then of course bless those that we love.

Tuesday we added a few new friends to the mix:

Rad: God bless... Radley (always him first), Daddy, Mommy, Emmy, GiGi, Pops, KK, Buzz Lightyearrrr, Cars, 'Itning McQueen, Rex, Pete, Bok, and all our friends.

God watches us all, I guess! :)

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