Sip and See...

Ryan, Emersyn and I made the long drive to Sherman on Saturday to introduce Miss Estelle Emersyn King to the "ladies of Sherman, Texas." Ryan's sweet mom, Fely (or Lola as she is now known by the grandkids) wanted to show her off to all of her friends.

I had gone to Waco earlier in the week so Radley got to spend a few extra days with GiGi and Pops. Thanks for watching him, Mom and Dad, it made the car ride much easier especially since Emmy doesn't love a road trip! (I know, how can she be MY child... we will be working on that)

I digress.

{Lola and Emmy ready to party}

Lola had the house all decorated and put together in the way that only Lola can. Each detail was sweet and each treat was even sweeter and we had such a great time.

A little story about Lola and all of her friends.

Lola is from the Philippines, moving to the states when she was 21. She met and married Ryan's dad and moved to Sherman. Since living here she has made tons of friends, the majority being ladies from other parts of the world. They love to joke that the "foreigners" are all American!

Lillian is from France, Miss Julia is from England, Margaret it Scottish (NEVER tell her she is from Ireland), Olga is from Spain (I think) and the list goes on and on. It is always such fun to be surrounded by these women and just listen to their stories and hear all about how their paths came together in Sherman, Texas of all places.

Emmy was of course the star of the day and received lots of goodies! Thank you to each of you that came to meet our little girl and spoiled her rotten!

{Some of the sweet goodies Emmy received}

{The giraffe piggy bank is PRECIOUS}

{Lillian was teaching Emmy the ways of the world}

{Lola's brother, Jaime, and sister-in-law, Norma.... hmmm... where does my child get those features from?!? }

We had such wonderful time and were sad that the trip was only a day trip. Next time we will have to stay longer to enjoy all the company.

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