On the road again...

Last week was crazy busy as you can tell by the lack of blog posts. We made the trip to Waco twice and had so much fun!

On Wednesday Josh and I took the kids to the Waco Zoo.

Josh and I were roommates in college and have gone on many road trips together. It's funny how time changes us. This trip we talked about our kids starting school instead of us skipping school; the cooler was filled with juice instead of "juice" (ha ha); and we were more worried about nap time than party time. Through all those changes one thing remained the same...we still had a lot of fun! I am so lucky to have gained such great friends through college and I'm even more lucky that my kids get to grow up with their kids! Now before this post gets to sappy and I make Josh cry (ha ha)...

Caroline and Radley had so much fun running around and Annaliese had so much fun being pushed around in the stroller, eating snacks and keeping up with the big kids.

Needless to say, the zoo wasn't the only place in charge of a few "monkeys"!

This may be my favorite picture of the day... Radley was trying so hard to share and Anna was trying so hard to get her hands on that cheese cracker!

The little man leading around the little women...

Sooooo cool! (We took this picture literally 20 times before everyone kept on their glasses and looked straight ahead!)

The next day I travelled back to Waco to meet Leah for lunch. She was one of "my students" during her time at A&M and just precious! She is moving to the Dominican Republic for two years to follow her walk with Christ and teach children. I am so incredibly proud of her and can only hope that Emmy grows into the kind of woman that Leah is!

She is keeping a blog so you should check it out. If you feel inclined to support her, I'm sure she would appreciate it! She is working for free and must collect donations to support her two year adventure. If interested, just let me know!

And finally... we now have a live-in nanny!! That's right... "KK" is living with us through September (fingers crossed, maybe longer) to help us out when I return to work. Daycare isn't available for Emmy until November at the earliest so Katelin is helping us in a major way!

As you can tell; her job is pretty tough...

Okay... sorry for the long post! I'll get back on schedule this week! :)

Happy Monday!

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