Tiny Tales Thursday

A sweet story from my first day back at work.

I picked Radley up from school on Monday and as usual, he didn't want to leave just yet.

"Five more minutes, Mommy... I playing".

After convincing him that he would have just as much fun at home as he does at school we grabbed his papers for the day, his cup and were off to the car.

I told him that I had started work again that day and that he should ask Mommy how her day was.

He stopped on the side walk and looked at me with this pitiful face and exclaimed, "No, Mommy. I not want you to work. You stay home with Emmy and I go to school."

He just didn't want me leaving his baby sister by herself!

Story #2....

This really isn't a story more of a "phase" that he is in at the moment. At any given time we can ask him a question and his reply will first be "yes" followed by "I on't kno" [I don't know]

Me: Radley, are you hungry?
Rad: Yes
Me: Do you know what you want for dinner?
Rad: Yes
Me: What, buddy?
Rad: I on't kno

Ryan: Did you have fun at school today?
Rad: Yes
Ryan: What did you do?
Rad: I on't kno

Me: Rad, do you know whose birthday is tomorrow?
Rad: Yes!
Me: Whose?
Rad: I on't kno

The list goes on and on... it's really funny and this tale doesn't do it near the justice it deserves!!

And for one final tale...

Happy Birthday Jeremy Paul Guercio!! You are an amazing brother, friend and uncle and our lives would not be the same without you in it. I am so glad that my kids get to grow up with you down the street and share their hearts and lives with you every day! You can do no wrong in Radley's eyes and I thank you for loving him and caring for him like he was your own!

May this day and many more ahead be filled with joy and happiness!

We love you!

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