Tiny Tales Thursday...

There is nothing like a toddler boy. They are loud, filled with dirt and smudges, sometimes smelly, and offer lots of giggles. They never run out of ways to surprise you either as I am learning with Radley.

Radley has consistently been using the potty since December. We are lucky that his teachers at school basically potty trained him so our money has been well spent! He has the occasional accident (but so do drunk frat boys) and we try to keep encouraging him to his quest for potty success!

Recently, though, he has been pooping in his pants [again]. He will "hold it in" for days at a time and then go to a quiet corner, do his business and think nothing of it. Last week he had a poop accident at school so we talked about telling an adult when you have to use the potty, etc...

His response as always, "Okay, Mommy".

We got home from school on this day and he was playing, I was making dinner, KK was playing with Emmy and then I noticed that all of a sudden a certain little man had gotten awfully quiet.

Me: "Radley, what are you doing?"
Radley: Silence
Me: "Radddleyyy"
Radley: Silence
Me: "Radley, are you pooping??!?!"

And then a one Radley King comes running into the kitchen naked from the waist down.... smiling.

Me: "Buddy, what did you just do?"
Radley: "I went poopy, Mommy. Once in the potty and once in my hand!" (lots of smiles and full of pride)

Me: "What?"
KK: Laughing uncontrollably
Emmy: Pooping in her diaper (maybe)
Radley: "I pooped in the potty and once in my hand." Still smiling, of course.

He led me to the bathroom where there was in fact some poop in the potty and another poop on the floor.


We quickly ran a bath and washed anything that may or may not have touched said poop.... twice. :)

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