Tiny Tales Thursday

Every night I put Radley to sleep we have been singing songs (I figure I better take advantage of the fact that he doesn't really know what good a good voice sounds like). We have gotten into the habit of singing "You've got a Friend" by James Taylor and he will sing along during the chorus and it's just the sweetest thing. I love the lyrics to this song and tear up just thinking about his wedding day and us dancing to it.

The point of this story is that Radley woke up the other night and we had turned off his monitor. He is in a big boy bed but luckily he doesn't really like to get out of it; however, since we couldn't hear him he made it all the way to our room in a semi-dark house. I heard him puttering down the hall and woke up to see him walk to my side of the bed with his "football and dots". When I picked him up, as serious as can be he said, "Mommy, I call your name and you not come running."

Oh. my. goodness. Break my heart why don't you, child! Needless to say, the monitor has been on ever since.

Now for a funny story...

We are in the "why" phase and I try very hard to be patient and give actual answers to questions. But when I run out of answers the "because" answer pops out. Yesterday Radley wanted something and I asked him "Why?" and he looked at me straight faced and said, "because, that's why".

Dang it!

And to end this tiny tale filled day... Emmy wanted you to know that she will have her own tales to tell soon enough...

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