Pit. a. FUL

Katy Barrier's mom used to say that whenever the Rockets made a bad play at any given sporting event. Well, Mrs. Barrier, that is exactly the way the King family felt last week.

The flu got us. Almost all of us! Radley, Emmy, and Mommy were out for the count. And it was awful. 

Just awful! Nothing is worse than being too sick to take care of your kiddos. 

But with a little of this... 

And a lot of this... 

We are now on the mend.

Seriously. I am so thankful for Ryan. Not everyone has a husband that would/could take off three days of work to change diapers, suck noses, clean up baby spit up, make soup, cut up fruit, run to the doctor, run baths, listen to mommy cry, and then sanitize the entire house.

So, Ryan... 

THANK YOU! We love you so much and I am just so blessed that for the past 12 years (5 married) you have been mine! :)

Now the week wasn't all bad... we did have those surges of energy to do some crafting... 

Thanks, Mary, for the idea of a heart garland. Radley had fun helping me cut out the hears and circles and stringing them up! 

Emmy had fun taking a nap and chewing on things. :)

We survived. There were some moments of doubt mixed in there, but we did it and I must say that I hope to NEVER have to go through that again! 


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