Too fast...

When did my tiny little baby boy decide to grow up?

When did he decide that he wanted to trace letters and learn to read and write?

And when did he actually LEARN how to do it?!?!

I'm so proud of him. Each and every day. His wit, humor, sensitivity, desire to explore, insight into adult conversations, vocabulary, and just love of living BIG inspires me. 

I look at him and dream about who he will grow up to be. And I know, that no matter what he chooses he will tackle it with the same enthusiasm as he lives right now in these moments as a toddler boy. 
I hope he always asks why. 
I hope he always ask for more from people. 
I hope he giggles when he's nervous as much as when he's happy. 
I hope he knows it's okay to cry as much at 33 as he does at 3. 
I hope he challenges those that he loves and that love him in return. 
I hope he blesses his sister first in his prayers forever. 
I hope that he fights for things that he believes in... especially when it becomes more about real issues instead of playing for just "5 more minutes."
I hope he skips baths every now and then because he can. 
I hope he looks forward to school as much for the learning as the time he spends with friends. 
I hope he helps his elders.
I hope he teaches Emmy what he has learned. 


 And I hope that he knows that in all those moments as he is growing to become a man, that we will love him as much as we do as a boy. 

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  1. Love Love following your blog. So sweet! Can you tell me what exactly that is that Rad is playing with in those pics? The letter writing thing? My aunt and uncle have twin 4 years olds and they know how to do nothing (I think my aunt and uncle thing they are supposed to learn this stuff at school), so I am wanting to get them some educational stuff for the summer and that looks great! Let me know!