Tiny Tales Thursday...

Last night we were doing our regular routine.

Eat. Bath. Play. Bed.

I asked Radley what he wanted to play with and, as usual, "CARS!!" erupts from his mouth.

In toddles this adorable 3 year old boy caring what seems like 100 pounds of cars in two plastic bins. He gets them set up and ready to "race" and instructs me and Emmy to go sit on one side of the kitchen floor so he can push them to us.

Emmy and I are ready for playing to commence and Radley begins to push cars our way. 1 out of 10 actually make it all the way to us and we do our job by pushing them back to him. This continues for 20 minutes and every now and then Emmy picks up a car to explore inspect chew on.

At one point I think to myself, "Poor girl. She is never going to want to play with dolls. I don't even know how to play with dolls. Cars and trains will have to do."

We all keep racing toys when it happens.

Emmy picks up a car and "pushes" it to Radley (clearly on accident... although she is a genius baby).

I have never seen Radley light up with more excitement.


In that moment, it was all worth it to him. In that moment, he understood what we knew all along. That babies may poop and cry and eat and drool and spit up. But that "his baby", his SISTER was going to grow up with him and be a best-friend each and every day of his life.

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  1. cute!! i just love watching babies interact and I KNOW what you mean about the baby sis wanting to play with boy toys. Heidi is Gavin's #1 stalker- and of course, the reverse is true too :)