Tiny Tales Thursday...

I loathe people that spit. I just think it is gross. There are very few occasions when I think that it is truly necessary and even then it should be done in the bathroom... NEVER in public. 

Living with boys in college meant that I had to get used to spitting, but we did have a strict rule that you couldn't spit where someone may step in it (driveway, yard, etc...). 

Imagine my little surprise when this conversation took place the other day...

Rad: boys spit and girls don't mommy
Me: well no one should spit Rad
Rad: yes, mommy...boys spit
Me: who told you that?
Rad: Daddy
Me: really... Why?
Rad: daddy spits bc you have something in your throat and Pete spits bc he puts stuff in his mouth.
Me: well, you should never spit, buddy.
Rad: it's ok, mommy... It's cool.

Awesome. I have a spitter.

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