Weekend fun...

The kids and I headed to Waco for the day on Saturday and what a perfect day! I got to enjoy some fun girl shopping time with Jenni and the kids got to play and spend time with GiGi and Nana! The weather was GORGEOUS so Radley and Karli were doing this:

 all afternoon... 

What could be better than playing with 30 year old toys (these trucks were my brothers) in good ole American dirt?!?
Sitting on skateboards that are almost as old... 

with kitchen spoons? At one point I thought to myself, "There is literally a couple thousand dollars worth of toys at my house, and they are playing with dirt. And spoons. There will be no more toy purchases. Ever!" 

But then I remembered that GiGi (and Pops) purchase the majority of toys anyway! ;)

I loved just watching them sit and play pretend. They kept making up stories and adventures and giggling and running and laughing and just being three. Karli kept saying, "Honey, come over here, it's time to eat." I asked her if Radley was her boyfriend and she said, "No, he's my husband."

Too. Cute. 

Everything is just so simple at this age. 

And don't worry, Emmy was being well taken care of, too. She was keeping a watchful eye on the big kids which worries me a bit. As soon as she decides to move she is going to be all over the place! 
But for now, she is content in the arms of the ones she loves ;)... 


She was also content hanging out with her friend, Cooper. Look how giant she looks! It's so funny how much 8 months is a difference now but in time it will even out and they will be running and playing and laughing and giggling just like Radley and Karli. 

This weekend was just another great reminder to slow down and enjoy the moments around us. Because if we aren't careful, they will be gone in an instant!

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