Welcome to the "crew"...

Stu, one of my college roommates,  got married this weekend and Ryan and I were so happy to be a part of the celebration! He is a great guy that be both love to death and married a sweet, precious, fun girl! :) We loved celebrating with them and wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Weddings can be a tricky thing. You spend months thinking of every tiny detail. The dress, the ring, the cake, the flowers, the music, the vows, the colors, the food, the open bar refreshments. The bride and groom spend so much time thinking about "the big day" that they can sometimes forget about the "big other days" (otherwise known as a lifetime) that come after it -- marriage!

Marriage is a forever commitment... a choice you make each and every day to live and breathe with and for another person. Marriage isn't like a buffet where you can pick and choose what parts you want either... you must order directly off the menu and "no substitutions are allowed". 

You have to accept each and every part about your spouse. 

His strengths as much as his, ehm... un-strengths.
His sense of humor. 
His corks.
His ups.
His downs.
His friends (on most days anyway).
His family. 

Which is where this post leads me.


Most people define family as individuals that are connected by blood or relation. However, in this case... Kelly joined a new family... the Crew of 3202. 

 My sophomore year of college, my parents did one of the best things they have ever done for Jeremy and I, they purchased a house in College Station for us to reside with our friends. This "house" quickly became so much more. 3202 was a safe haven, a pre-party, a hotel, a cooking show, a tailgate, a Thanksgiving dinner, a study break, a 42 tournament -- a lifestyle! :)

Over the years we had 15 (I am almost sure) different official roommates, meaning people that paid at least one month's rent. We had several other 'squatters' as well as some VIPs that we love just as much. Each with a fun story, each with a unique memory, each that are special and can count themselves as part of our crew. However, there are 5 of us that will continue to intertwine our lives for years to come. 

Jeremy, Josh, Katy, Stu and Jessica - "the crew". We have been there for our happiest times, celebrated weddings and babies, new jobs, fun vacations and just all around great days. We have mourned losses, lifted each other up, nursed hangovers, and skipped class. And we WILL raise our children, throw birthday parties, attend dance recitals, support, comfort and celebrate life together. 

Our significant others get to join the crew -- it's like an "automatic in". Cindy and Ryan have been around for over 10 years now and know every story almost as well as we do (because lets be honest, there are some nights that none of us remember at all!! :)) Zeke and Bonnie are not far behind and Kelly is our newest crew member. We are "that group"  and we would not have it any other way.

I could not ask for a better group of roommates. A better college memory. A better family. 

So Mom, Dad, Tony and Patsy -- thank you for letting us be a crew. Thank you for sending us all to Texas A&M. Thank you for buying a house and letting us create this family circle. Thank you for all that you did to raise us to be individuals that know the blessing of a circle of friends. 

And 3202... thank you for being my friends. My family. My crew for life. 
Love you all!

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