Happy BIRTHday...


You are one year old today! So what have you been up to lately?

You are ready to be done with bottles. The past two weeks you rarely ever finished one (except at night) since you eat so much food. Last week your report from school let us know that you had eaten 6, SIX, chicken nuggets for lunch. Where do you put all that stuff? We will make the "hard" transition of no bottle after this week... not sure who it will be harder for... you or me!

Your well-check won't be until after this week (oops!) but I am guessing that you weigh around 18 pounds and are about 28 inches long. You still wear a size 3 diaper and are steadily moving into all 12 month clothes. I am so excited about your summer wardrobe! You still only have two teeth, but I think the top ones are well on their way to appearing!

Weight: 18.6 lbs; 10th percentile
Height: 28 1/2 inches; 30th percentile
Adorablness: 200th percentile

You are almost taking steps on your own. You mastered the push toy/laundry basket/chair but just won't take that leap to doing it on your own just yet. I laugh at your "two finger" approach to moving around... meaning as long as you have your hands wrapped around someone's fingers, you are running (not walking) to the next stop. But if we let go, you plop down. You are good at standing on your own for long periods of time these days, so we will see when walking comes along. 

Your vocabulary mainly includes hi, bye, mama, dada and "kiki" (or kitty). Every day when I pick you up from school you stop what you are doing and super-crawl over to me pull yourself up and say "HI" with this huge grin. I love it! You have finally figured out that consistently signing "all done" works. You can also sign "more" (although we know not let your plate get empty to avoid the meltdown that would occur) and love blowing kisses.

You LOVE playing "sing along" in the car. "Happy", "Row Row" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" are the ones you recognize the most. Anything your brother does makes you laugh out loud. He can just put his head on you and you burst out in giggles. You want to be where he is and want to play with his toys. For the most part, he is pretty agreeable to it all, making sure that we know he is being a "good big brother."

We have seen your stubborn side this month and it kind of makes us giggle. If you want something that you can't have your "tantrum" includes laying your forehead onto any hard surface such as a wall, the floor, a chair, etc... sometimes you can even make tears appear. 

We still get compliments on what a sweet baby you are. You are just so happy and content and instantly loved by everyone, especially us!


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  1. happy 1st birthday, sweet emmy!! i hope that we get to meet you one day!! :)
    ps. love her shirt!!