Splish splash weekend fun...

Wow! Is the weekend already over!?!? I need time to stand still or summer is going to be over in a SPLASH! (see what I did there?)

These two tots are growing up fast! The started swim lessons on Thursday and are future Olympic athletes for sure. I was so proud of both of them! Not only for their mad skills, but for listening, taking turns, trying new things and just being pretty darn cute. 

Although Radley apparently inherited Ryan's inability to smile outside. ;)

Collin gave the tikes their lessons. He is one of my favorite former students and the oldest of FIVE kids. I swear I have asked him for parenting advice! He is just great with kids and just happens to be an awesome swimmer himself. Radley loves it when any "big guy" gives him attention so he was on his best performing behavior.

We will take lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays in June...maybe by the end we will have mini-swimmer. :)

We had so much fun at the pool on Thursday that we went again early Saturday morning. (Please again note that his eyes are closed. We took this picture 7 times and I look the same in all of them. Emmy was more interested in her feet in the water and Rad just couldn't keep them open. Humph.)

This girl was FEARLESS. Seriously, she would have crawled herself under if we let her. She loves the water! I may have to throw her in those lessons, too! 

(And for the record, this momma is ridiculously jealous of her child's tan. Period.)

One eyed Radley?

Loving the slide!

Ahhh! I could just eat her up!

After all that sun and getting things done, we drove to Temple to visit one of the RaRas, Lyndee and brand new baby Mason!! I am so thrilled for her and Ryan (her hubby). They are going to be the best parents and he is just a doll! 

From Temple we headed to Waco to celebrate Karli's 4th birthday on Sunday! I can't believe that we have "four year olds". I just want to cry. They are so grown up and just kids...not babies. :(

Speaking of birthdays.... this little girl turns ONE tomorrow. 

I can't stand it. Make it stop! 

Tons of posts to celebrate are in the works. This week is going to be tons of fun!

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