I got to spend all day Thursday with this sweet little one... 

She had a mild fever so we stayed home! Loved having some girl time!

I thought it would be fun to see what she would do with a spoon at snack time... and you guessed it...NOTHING! :) 

We got a few bites in before... 

she was done. 


Holy cow I could just eat her! 

Friday Radley came home with a mild fever, which was a bummer because I had pre-purchased tickets to Cars 2 for a "just us 3" date. BUT after a dose of ibuprofen he was all better and ready to see Lightnin' and Mater. 

(Anyone thinking about taking little ones to see this: it was good but kinda "violent". The bad guys try to "kill" McQeen) 

GiGi and Pops came for a visit and we headed to the pool on Saturday. My dad is the BEST in the pool. We always had so much fun getting "thrown", building pyramids, swimming on his back...and Radley had just as much fun on Saturday! AND...he swam!! Underwater! By HIMSELF! :)

Emmy had fun, too... snacking away with GiGi and going for dips here and there!

My little fish! It was "sooooo bright, Mommy", thus the closed eyes. 

This morning we headed to church and said a sad goodbye to Father Michael. He is moving to a new parish and we will miss him so much! 

He means so much to our family and has been a part of all of our major celebrations. 

We love you, Father Michael! 

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