iPhone says...

I had a crazy, fun, driving intensive weekend... but it was SOOOO worth it!

I got to spend Friday night with some very fabulous ladies to celebrate a dear life long friend's upcoming wedding! Sadly, I did not bring my camera but I will say it was the perfect way to celebrate a friend. Kellie has an AMAZING group of women that are her support system. We have been friends since junior high and life has taken us on many twists and turns - it was so nice to see the people that surround her and how much they lift each other up! Thank you all for including me in her celebration!

I was supposed to stay the entire weekend, but because of some car trouble had to ride to Austin with a Niki and then Ryan came and picked me up on Saturday. It was a long, rainy ride home, but I got to spend that time with my loves which is always time well spent. 

Sunday involved my husband loving every bit of my CrAzY. We all packed the car on a drizzly day and headed to Round Top to look for some furniture, to taste some food and to have some FUN!!!

I wore Landry the whole time (4 hours) and she did not make a peep. She played with my necklace, tried to grab my beer, and over all just enjoyed the sites. She even took about an hour and a half nap in between there! 

It was SUPER muddy and I had just thrown some old shoes on Radley. You would **think** that he would love this. Not my kid - he was not happy about muddy shoes. 

The solution? A box of old boots. 

The result? An ecstatic little boy!

He could not for the life of him smile with his eyes open (despite the overcast day)...

It was hysterical!

To give some background, this is a week long "event" of vendors selling any and every thing you can think of. Ryan and I were talking about how we could literally just take everything that we own, sell it and call our booth "dead people's stuff" (since most of what we own comes from people that are no longer with us - not that nice, but true).

Well, like all my good ideas, someone thought of it first...

So many people kept making the "you have your hand's full" comment, but the day was perfect. They actually had a lot of fun and who wouldn't when home made ding dongs and cupcakes and "sugar popcorn" are at every corner!

Ryan has already made plans for us to go again this weekend (and for years to come). 

Am I a lucky girl or what?!?!

We only came home with some old boots, two headbands and one exhausted 2 year old!


  1. yay!! i made the infamous blog!! thanks so much for coming to celebrate with me!! love ya tons!

  2. what a fun day!! man - that place looks dangerous!!! :)